Watercolor Polaroids

I have a lot of free time again because of COVID-19, so I decided to try a trend I discovered on Pinterest. Many people were using watercolors and creating paintings that look like polaroids. I loved the idea and used some of their images as inspiration. I did not want to just do silhouettes, like my animals from my Senior Show. I created a mixture of silhouettes, sceneries, and still images. I only painted two still images, but I may do more in the future. I used the seating chart display from my wedding to display these paintings. I did create a Polariods page, so you can view all of them.

In this post, I decided to only highlight my four favorites of the collection.

Of course, I had to do an image from Tangled. What is my style without doing at least one tangled painting? Next, is a sea turtle, which is one of my favorite animals (either equal or right after cats). My dream is to see baby sea turtles hatch and wriggle their way to the ocean. The third image is some mountains and a river. I think I saw a similar image on Pinterest and took my own take to it. I think the mountains actually turned out and I am realizing I can explore more with my watercolor. Lastly, is a good representation of my silhouettes. I really like the simplicity and colors in the cattails background. This is all for now! – Sarah