Life Update – March 17, 2020

I haven’t posted in two months and here’s why:

January 20th, I started my first out of college job at a graphic design and printing business. By All Means Graphics and Printing is the job I really needed in my life. I love working there and it is a great experience. The staff and the customers are very nice and pleasant to work with. This business designs and prints almost anything a person/business could want. My main role is to support the senior graphic designer with all the different orders that come in. This includes a lot of designing various materials, digital and print. I also print and cut paper occasionally. Another role I do is to help the two sales representatives with any customers at the counter or phone calls. Everyone at this job does a little to help anyone who needs it.

Just an update on how I envision this blog continuing. I still have a few posts left of my wedding last June and I really want to finish them before my one year anniversary. The plan now is to post every two weeks, instead of 1-2 times each week. Some other things I want to cover is some other art mediums I do, some places I have traveled, baking, and some of the other hobbies I like to do as well. Stay tuned and hopefully I can keep my schedule clear to post bi-weekly. Thanks! – Sarah